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Are you getting the right leads to fill your positions faster? Post your jobs and let us market them on to our candidate pool. Finding qualified talent is harder than ever especially since the pandemic hit us. You may have a team and a process, but there are never enough resources to help find top talent in today’s ultra-competitive, complex market.

Let’s discuss our staffing services within your budget goals.

That’s where comes in play for your hiring resource. We have an answer to your staffing need solution.

Our PostJobMatches algorithm was created to deploy talent when and where it is needed. Our system accelerates the hiring process by pipelining and filling positions fast while enhancing quality and necessity with integrity. Our configurable approach to sourcing focuses on talent in your target region. With our proven sourcing model, we identify the qualified talent you need by configuring your criteria to approach your specific industry, market conditions, pay rates, and incentive programs.

PostJobMatches candidate sourcing increases the number of available, job seeking, hireable, employable and qualified candidates you’ll be able to reach and now reduce the number of unqualified leads your team receive. Our candidates asked our team to find them work and are ready and prepared to work. This makes them hireable for you.

At PostJobmatches by WorkStaff USA , when you post your job our database we’ll match the job to our most viable candidates fitting the job requisite you post. All you have to do is set it and PostJobMatches by WorkStaff USA will get it.

PostJobMatches by WorkStaff USA

Where Company & Candidate Make The Match serves as an extension of your team and enable you to candidate source on-demand. From seasonal hiring to ongoing pipelining, unexpected projects and hiring ramps, you have the option of flexing the services on an as needed basis.

We aren’t your average contract recruiter or staffing agency – our PostJobMatches system helps to accelerate your hiring without having to scale your internal recruiting team. Let our system work for you.

PostJobMatches by WorkStaff USA will assist you on what your company budget rate is on each position you need filled by negotiating the percentage cost you’ll pay to fill the position/s with us. We are always staffing with a passion and want to see your company win. (When you have multiple positions we’ll give your company an even steeper discount).

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Did we mention this is a Free subscription, well it is. Accelerate your hiring, start your free subscription and start posting your jobs!

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